Here’s a hint, it has to do with technology…

The new post-covid legal challenges have highlighted the importance of digitising the processes lawyers work with and offering more personalised services to their clients. At Bounsel we have compiled the main skills that a lawyer should have to fulfil these purposes.

1. Resilience

It could be defined as the ability to adapt quickly to change and to successfully overcome strong moments of stress. When facing a professional challenge, it is essential to try to adapt to reality, and to keep an optimistic and open outlook. In this way, we avoid being emotionally exhausted by our workload (burnout syndrome). This is not to say that we should put up with any exorbitant amount of work, but rather that we should focus on finding alternative solutions that can solve these types of problems that generate peaks of stress.

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2. Organisation

In the wake of the pandemic, teleworking has skyrocketed, and we have found that lack of organisation and communication leads to a lot of frustration and loss of productivity within the team. Lawyers must be autonomous and know the tools and mechanisms to meet the objectives of their firm or company. We cannot be dependent on constant approval from our superiors and, consequently, we must have both the agenda and the projects we are collaborating on under control in order to make the most of our time and be efficient in our work.

3. Empathy

Do you know your customer’s needs? Do you understand the dynamics of the sector you are working in? These are some of the questions that any professional must ask themselves in order to understand their environment. Empathy makes it possible to be closer to customers and to offer a higher quality service. Not only that, but it also improves the relationship with colleagues in the workplace, creating a good working environment. The key is to “put yourself in the other person’s shoes” and always maintain an active listening attitude.

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4. Languages

Globalisation in the Internet Age and the emergence of different digital platforms have made it necessary to have knowledge of several languages. It is no longer a question of communicating fluently in English, but of mastering other languages that allow us to get closer to international clients (French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.).

5. Interpretation of data and use of technology applications

There is a wealth of data flowing through the Internet today that provides answers to improve our company’s performance. All this knowledge is a potential source of income that needs to be interpreted in order to succeed. Therefore, in order to make proper use of this data and to be able to increase efficiency within the firm, it is essential to incorporate technology as a means of working in the day-to-day practice of law.

This year is demanding greater efficiency from law firms to meet the demands of their clients, who are increasingly accustomed to consuming services in 100% digital format as a result of the pandemic. Delivering legal services faster and with the same (or lower) budget is now a must and there are only two options: upgrade or die. It may sound a bit dramatic but it is the reality of the situation. Automating processes and using technological tools to meet business objectives and customer expectations is a must nowadays.

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Some types of applications that can facilitate this work include:

  • Contract analysis and review: to eliminate human error and improve the drafting of contracts, providing greater legal certainty.
  • Document and process management automation: it allows lawyers to improve their productivity in the drafting of more mechanical and low value-added documents and to control the status of the process without stress.
  • Cybersecurity and privacy: provides technological protection for the organisation and ensures compliance with user privacy regulations.
  • Management software for law firms and consultancies: helps the collective management of all areas of a law firm, improving communication and transparency with colleagues and clients.

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