Technology has advanced so much in recent years that it has completely changed the way lawyers carry out their work.

Now, there are a wide variety of free and paid apps for lawyers available on the market, such as Bounsel Flow that can help you if you are in the legal sector. This way you will increase your productivity and improve your work performance.

In this article, we present “The 20 best apps for lawyers” to help you carry out your daily tasks more efficiently.

How can lawyer apps help me?

These apps for lawyers will make your life a lot easier

Conclusion on lawyers’ apps

How can lawyer apps help me?

Lawyer apps help with a variety of tasks such as:

  • Calendars and reminders: to help organise appointments and legal deadlines.
  • Document scanning and storage: to have all the necessary information at hand at any time.
  • Legal information search: to access the latest legal information and regulations.
  • Transcription of opinions: to be able to record and save information from legal sessions.
  • Dictionary and translation tools: to facilitate communication with foreign-speaking clients and colleagues.

These applications also help lawyers keep up to date with the latest laws and regulations, as well as the latest court decisions.

These apps for lawyers will make your life a lot easier

Here are “The 20 best apps for lawyers” that will be very useful for you to carry out your daily tasks more efficiently:

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best lawyer apps for managing appointments and meetings. With this app, you can schedule appointments and meetings with clients and colleagues, and receive automatic reminders for them.

In addition, the application enables real-time collaboration, which facilitates the coordination of appointments and meetings with work teams.

Bounsel Flow

Bounsel Flow is a lawyer app that helps lawyers create and manage legal documents.

With this contract applicationWith this contract application, lawyers can create customized legal documents, such as contracts and agreements, with just a few clicks.

In addition, the application enables real-time collaboration with other lawyers or clients, facilitating the review and editing of legal documents.


CamScanner is an application for lawyers to scan and store physical documents on mobile devices.

With this application, lawyers can save a lot of time transcribing documents with just one click on the cell phone screen. In addition, it allows you to save documents in all kinds of formats.


It is a mobile application that allows lawyers to access the legislation of different countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Italy, Argentina, France, etc., quickly and easily.

The application is regularly updated to ensure that lawyers always have access to the latest legislation.


It is an online tool that allows lawyers to create case file recordings for their cases.

Lawyers can rank witness recordings based on their contribution to the case.


It is an online tool that allows lawyers to schedule and manage their appointments efficiently.

Lawyers can create a shared calendar link with their clients, making it easy to schedule appointments.


It is an application that helps to improve court management and enables lawyers to organise and manage their cases efficiently.

The application allows lawyers to assign tasks, create reminders, schedule appointments and share information with colleagues.


It is an online tool that allows lawyers to take notes, save documents and share them with their colleagues.

The application is particularly useful for lawyers working in teams who need to share information quickly and easily.

Tax Law Dictionary

It is an online tool that provides that provides definitions and explanations of legal and tax terms in Spanish and English.

It is a valuable tool for lawyers working in a variety of areas of law.


It is an application for lawyers to record and track their working hours and is especially useful for lawyers working on an hourly rate system.

It also features cloud synchronisation to keep your data secure at all times.


It is an online community with many legal professionals.

Users can hire the services of lawyers and increase their digital presence in exchange for resolving doubts or concerns, without the need to offer advice.

Give flow to your contracts

Control all your documents and make better business decision


It is an online payment tool that allows that allows lawyers to receive payments securely and easily from their clients.

With Stripe, lawyers can accept payments by credit or debit card, as well as bank transfers.

In addition, Stripe has an advanced security system to protect customers’ financial information.


It is an invoicing application for lawyers. With Quipu, lawyers can generate and send invoices quickly and easily, as well as keep track of invoices issued and received.

In addition, Quipu has an alert system that helps lawyers keep up with their outstanding payments.

Legal Pigeon

It is an app for lawyers that allows you to connect with other lawyers. It is a tool that manages substitutions for court visits in Spain.

It has a network of 1,000 lawyers throughout the country ready to replace another lawyer if necessary.


One of the most popular applications for lawyers is Prezi, an online presentation platform that allows you to create dynamic and engaging presentations.

With Prezi, lawyers can create legal case presentations, legal arguments and business strategies easily and efficiently.


Another popular digital tool among lawyers is Trello, a project management platform.

With Trello, lawyers can create dashboards to organise tasks, documents and communications related to a particular case.

This allows lawyers to maintain an overview of the entire legal process, which helps them to make informed decisions and avoid mistakes.

Google Drive

With Google Drive, lawyers can store and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.

This allows lawyers to work on documents in real time with their colleagues and collaborators, which increases efficiency and effectiveness at work.

In addition, this lawyer app also offers a variety of editing tools, allowing lawyers to work on documents and presentations from anywhere and at any time.


A very useful app for lawyers. It is a web design and development solution that allows you to create professional websites without the need for technical knowledge.

With Webflow, lawyers can create websites for their firm or for specific legal projects, allowing them to increase their online presence and reach more potential clients.


Another digital tool that can excel in legal marketing is Hootsuite, a social media management platform.

With Hootsuite, lawyers can schedule and publish content on their social networks, monitor mentions and analyze the performance of their campaigns.

This allows lawyers to maintain an active online presence and reach a wider audience.

Microsoft Word

It is another essential digital tool for lawyers. With Microsoft Word, lawyers can create and edit legal documents documents quickly and efficiently.

In addition, Microsoft Word also offers a variety of advanced editing tools, such as document proofing and the grammar and style tool.

This allows lawyers to ensure that their documents are well written and error-free.

Conclusion on lawyers’ apps

In short, they are essential digital applications for lawyers that help them improve their productivity and efficiency at work.

These apps for lawyers allow them to create attractive presentations, organize legal projects and share documents easily and efficiently. If you are a lawyer and are not yet using them, we recommend that you consider them to improve your work.