Another day, another presentation: today we would like to introduce you to Sergio, our new SDR in Spain.‍

Born in Valencia, he is a fourth year International Business student.with a specialisation in marketing and organisation, and has chosen Bounsel as her internship company because, she says, “I was really captivated by Bounsel’s project. Just by looking at their website, I could see that the solution they offer their clients really adds a lot of value and is of great help to them. And for me, that’s a fundamental aspect, because being part of a sales or marketing team, really understanding what you offer to your customers and their needs is really key”.

We can see that Sergio already has very clear ideas, despite being in his first work experience: he is very excited to learn and acquire new skills but also has a lot of energy and desire to contribute his bit to the growth of this project.

She considers herself an extroverted and communicative person, with a multicultural background that has allowed her to be available and flexible with the people and situations around her, always open to change.

He is passionate about soccer and also loves to travel, always eager to try the local gastronomic varieties. In fact, she shares with her partner a social media project where they talk about their travels and meals: a channel where they can display their creativity without limits, learning more about how social media works nowadays.

If you also want to be part of Bounsel, get to know us and join us!