Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ‘scientific discipline concerned with creating computer programmes that perform operations comparable to those performed by the human mind, such as learning or logical reasoning’. To this end, it is of great importance that humans share the same codes with machines. Therefore, teaching machines to speak Spanish is important to open up new business opportunities in Spain.

It sounds simple enough, but how is it done? Computer scientists and computational linguists specialised in AI are in charge of converting natural languages such as Spanish into executable programs for a computer. A multitude of Spanish texts are provided as examples of perfect use of the language, from which a corpus and foundational language models are developed.

At Bounsel we focus our R&D project on the development of proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms in Spanish based on natural language processing and deep learning that allow us to extract key data from documents, identify clauses in contracts and generate document summaries automatically, among many other functionalities. We are proud that Bounsel is a strategic project of national interest and that, thanks to our technology created in Spain, we can contribute to bringing the content of legal documents closer to the citizen by making contracts more human.

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