Today it’s time to introduce Vicent Sornosa, our Junior Full Stack Developer. He is currently studying the 3rd year of the Degree in Computer Engineering at the UPV. He joins Bounsel looking forward to gaining experience and learning from colleagues who have been working in the sector for more than 13 years. Vicent was in the Hyperloop UPV project and learned a lot about programming and project management with deadlines under pressure.

He is a very interested and hard-working person in relation to IT. If the degree does not teach him what he is interested in, he will make the effort to learn it: new languages and frameworks, scalability of software projects and maintenance of clean code, cybersecurity and ethical hacking issues…

But not everything is IT. Our new member has been passionate about basketball since he was a child: he is a fan, a player and, for the last few years, he has also been a coach Vicent is also interested in the piano and he is self-taught He also loves to play chess. He tells us that chess is his passion, as he really enjoys competing against other people and learning new tactics of the game. At Bounsel we are delighted to have him with us and hope he can teach us something about these two sports!

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