Hello! My name is Eva Paradeda and I want to tell you about my experience as a Marketing Trainee at Bounsel.

Bounsel has always made it easy for me, and from the first contact I had with the CEO, Pilar Prados, I knew that they would help me whenever I needed it. My experience has been a little different from the others because I have done the internship from Lisbon, where I am finishing my studies in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia. Although during these two months I have been in another country, I have been able to combine my Erasmus with teleworking, which could not have been more comfortable thanks to Silvia, Marketing Manager of the company and the person who has guided me during the process.

I got to know Bounsel through a colleague of mine who was doing an internship in a company that had a direct relationship with Bounsel. At the beginning it was a bit big for me, because I knew nothing about legaltech, contracts or language and processing programs, but the idea that it was a pioneer startup in Spain and seeing the enthusiasm and desire with which they work was what convinced me to take the step. I have learned a lot about an area of work that I thought I would never know about. The experience has opened my mind to, in the future, lose the fear of getting into other projects that at first are completely unknown to me.

I have mainly performed tasks related to content creation in the company’s social networks and blog, but I have also had the opportunity to learn from the inside the Marketing area, a field I have always been curious about. In addition, I have been able to attend online Webinars and learn about the great entrepreneurial potential of Valencia through the many organizations that provide support to young entrepreneurs and that I was completely unaware of.

It only remains for me to thank the entire Bounsel team because I can say first hand that they are young people with a great desire to work and reach very high. If you still don’t know whether to do your internship with Bounsel, don’t hesitate! It will surely enrich you.

Eva Paradeda

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