Hello to you all! I am Gemma Losa, a fourth year student of Journalism at the Universitat de València. I have had the great opportunity to come across Bounsel on my journey and have been lucky enough to do my internship with the team as a Marketing & PR Trainee.

First of all, I would like to highlight the good atmosphere I had during my experience. At first I was scared and uncertain about what it would be like to work in a startup, and even more so being in legaltech, as it was a totally unknown subject for me.

But it has been a discovery and I am very satisfied with my three months in Bounsel. I have learned that journalism has many more doors than being in a newspaper and that it can be practised in many sectors. At Bounsel, I have learned a lot more about corporate communication thanks to Silvia Bethencourt, the Marketing Manager. She has guided me through my entire experience, patiently explaining the daily tasks from content creation to scheduling social media posts every day. She has been attentive, understanding, approachable and a good professional.

Marcos Sanz and Pilar Prados have been lovely to me from the first day, they have made things very easy for me. They have given me the necessary freedom to develop my work as I like, they have let me choose my timetable so that I can combine it with the classes, and they have also given me the opportunity to propose my own topics to cover. The best thing has been the freedom and understanding that the whole team has given me.

I have noticed the good vibes in the company, the desire to work, the communication between bosses and the team and I have felt like part of the family. As it is a young company where freshness is in the air, I have been able to feel myself, to feel at ease and to be able to communicate with everyone without any problem, to express my fears, my doubts and my hopes. In addition, something that I value very much and that I have always had has been the feedback, after each job I have done, both Silvia and Pilar have taken the time to explain my mistakes, suggestions and improvements for the future.

I leave here much stronger, with a lot of knowledge learned, as I have learned to write in a more informal way, create content for social networks, cover events, do interviews, learn new platforms, CRM, corporate communication, legaltech vocabulary in English, and a general idea of what marketing is all about, which thanks to Silvia I have been able to discover and have fallen in love with.

Lastly, I also value very much the team building we have done during these months. I have been able to enjoy meals with them that have greatly strengthened relationships. As well as meetings with Pilar Prados where she has been motivating, patient and very dedicated.

All in all, it was my first work experience and I was very comfortable. Everyone has made it very easy for me and helped me with everything I needed at all times. I never lacked attention at any time and my tasks were very organised.

I encourage any student, not only in law, but also in journalism, audiovisuals, business administration, design… to do an internship at Bounsel because there is a youthful air, a great atmosphere and you will learn thousands of tasks, as it is a small company, all the team members will explain everything you need and make you participate in every step they take.

I would like to make a special mention to Silvia and Andrés for their patience, help and kindness at all times. They have shown me that despite being very young, they are true professionals and very responsible in their work.

And, on the other hand, I would also like to highlight the closeness and freedom that Pilar has given me when it comes to working and Marcos for giving off that good energy.

If you are hesitating and don’t know where to do your internship, Bounsel is the right choice because it is a very enriching experience.

For me it has been, and I will always hold the whole team in my heart.

Gemma Losa

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