During my internship at Bounsel as a graphic designer, I was able to immerse myself in the exciting world of work and experience teamwork as I broadened my design skills. I had the opportunity to participate in various projects that allowed me to apply my creative skills and contribute to the visual development of the company.

My key responsibilities during this stage included designing covers for Bounsel’s blog, where I created attractive and eye-catching compositions. I also designed illustrations for the website and designed the company’s puppet, where I worked closely with the team to develop its appearance and personality. I also contributed to the layout of documents, making sure they had a clear structure and were visually appealing.

My experience at Bounsel was truly delightful. From the first day, I felt comfortable and supported, and Andrés, one of my companions, offered me his accompaniment throughout the process, always ready to help me with anything I needed. As a result of my internships, I was able to improve my handling of design tools, enhance my creativity and understand the importance of teamwork.

I am really satisfied with the results obtained during my time at Bounsel, as I not only met my expectations, but also made significant connections with my colleagues, who became friends. I leave this experience with great gratitude for everything I have learned and for the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I am thrilled and happy to have had the opportunity to be part of Bounsel and thank everyone who contributed to my development during this internship period.