During my time at Bounsel as an internship student, I have had an extremely enriching experience that has left a significant mark on both my professional and personal development. Throughout my career at the company, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of marketing and develop my skills in various areas.

From day one, I was welcomed with warmth and dedication by my tutor, Pamela. She made sure she had a deep understanding of the company, its goals and challenges, as well as the role she would play within the marketing team. During the integration process, I became familiar with key tools for internal communication and organization, such as Slack, which was instrumental in communicating effectively with my peers and receiving guidance from my mentor.

As the days progressed, I was assigned to a variety of tasks ranging from scheduling social media posts to writing articles for the company’s blog. Through the use of tools like Metricool and WordPress, I learned how to efficiently manage social networks and create engaging content for the target audience. This experience allowed me to delve into the world of digital marketing and understand the importance of creating relevant and engaging content for users.

One of the most exciting parts of my internships was creating videos. I had the opportunity to use different recording and editing tools, such as ring lights, microphones and Adobe Premiere Pro software. It was amazing to see how my ideas and creativity materialized into professional videos that conveyed Bounsel’s key messages. This experience allowed me to develop my video editing skills and awakened in me a real passion for this form of communication.

The relationship with my tutor, Pamela, was fundamental to my development during the internships. She was always willing to listen to my ideas and approaches, giving me the freedom to make decisions and carry out projects autonomously. Their constant support and guidance made me feel valued and an integral part of the team. I greatly appreciate your willingness to help me grow both professionally and personally.

As far as the evaluation of practices is concerned, I think they have been highly satisfactory. I had the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge in a real work environment. I was able to experience the challenges and rewards of working in a multidisciplinary team, improve my time management and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Bounsel gave me an inside view of how a company works and prepared me for future challenges in my career.

I would certainly recommend these practices to prospective fellows, as they provide a stimulating learning environment and significant growth opportunities. Bounsel not only provides a space to acquire practical knowledge, but also fosters a collaborative spirit and enables fellows to be an active part of projects. It has been an enriching experience in every way, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of Bounsel and to grow both professionally and personally.