During an exciting month, I had the opportunity to do enriching internships at the innovative company Bounsel, where I was able to delve into the business world and learn valuable lessons that have left a deep mark on my path as an industrial engineering student.

From day one, I was warmly welcomed by Thaisa, who gave me the opportunity to be part of this exciting work experience. Thanks to their support and trust, I was able to immerse myself in the company’s activities, which allowed me to see first-hand how an organisation works from the inside.

Working alongside Pilar, Bounsel’s CEO, was inspiring. Through my involvement in managing your LinkedIn account, I learned the importance of building strong connections in the professional world and how effective communication is key to the growth of a business. Observing how Pilar leads and makes strategic decisions taught me the importance of vision and determination in pursuing business goals.

One of the most rewarding experiences was working with Pamela, head of marketing at Bounsel. Under her tutelage, I learned to use digital tools like HubSpot to manage businesses and contacts, and WordPress to post articles on the website. Her patience and dedication to teaching me the use of tools like cort.li, figma and metricool broadened my digital skills and provided me with the foundation for effective social media and online marketing management.

These practices taught me that in the business world, success lies in teamwork and collaboration. Working alongside a group of committed professionals, such as Thaisa, Pilar and Pamela, allowed me to understand how each member contributes their knowledge and experience to the common growth of the company.

In addition to improving my technical skills, this experience at Bounsel helped me develop my sense of responsibility. Every task I did had an impact on the company, which motivated me to work harder and commit to excellence in every project I was involved in.

Looking to the future, these practices have been a turning point in my life. Although my training as an industrial engineer is a fundamental pillar, this experience has awakened in me the ambition to create my own company in the future. I now have a deeper understanding of what it means to run a business and the importance of having a committed and diverse team working together to achieve common goals.

In conclusion, my time at Bounsel has been exceptional and enriching. I am deeply grateful to Thaisa for giving me that first interview and to the whole team for giving me this opportunity, and to Pilar and Pamela for their mentoring and kindness. This experience has reaffirmed my passion for the business world and has given me the confidence and skills to face future challenges. I am excited about what the future holds for me and I look forward to applying everything I have learned to achieve my career goals and become a successful entrepreneur. Bounsel will always hold a special place in my heart and my career path.