During my internship at Bounsel, I created audiovisual content for social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook, with the aim of promoting the brand. I made videos called “Bounsel Hacks” that featured tips and tricks from Bounsel Flow. I also produced weekly videos called “Bounsel Tips” with business and wellness recommendations.

In addition, I wrote articles for Bounsel’s blog, where I shared company updates and relevant news. I also worked on a script for a video demonstration of the product. I helped translate blog posts into English and collaborated on a final internship project that consisted of a commercial showing how Bounsel helped a stressed lawyer.

My tutor, Pamela, was very supportive and I felt integrated into the work environment. I learned about organizing a startup and developed video editing skills. I think it was a valuable experience.

Overall, Bounsel is a welcoming company and this experience allowed me to understand the world of work in which I could develop in the future.