My experience at Bounsel has been very positive. I worked in the sales department helping to generate leads by sending LinkedIn messages to people on Pilar’s network. I also worked with the marketing team and Thaisa, customer service, to help translate documents from Spanish to English. This has been very good for my language as I was learning to think in a more informal language.

It was my first experience in the real world of work. And I’ve learned a lot more than what happens in sales. I was able to learn and see firsthand the creative process of the teams and how they work together to develop a strategy. One of my favorite aspects of the company was the creative and collaborative atmosphere. And it was important for me to see how a company keeps all its different tasks aligned with the same goal.

Taking on my own responsibilities was a very important aspect of the practices. Knowing that the team was fully confident that I could successfully complete my work put me in a good position. And, as expected, I made some mistakes, but the regular feedback from all the team members and my tutor Pilar allowed me to learn from them in a constructive way. I have developed so many key skills that I am now more suited to an office position/environment. One of the things I’m really happy about is that I’ve worked with the HubSpot program. I’ve been given some freedom to learn about the program by devising a strategy to create a new sales funnel.

I was quite nervous when I started this job, as I am not a native Spanish speaker. But I didn’t need it because from my first day I felt very welcome by everyone. And now, the difference between my Spanish from the first day to the last has been extraordinary. I can only thank the team for being patient with me and helping me improve my Spanish skills.

I will always be grateful for the respect and compassion the team has shown me during my stay at Bounsel. And I’m very happy to have had the experience of working at your company.