My name is María Sybila Galera and I am finishing the fourth year of the Double Degree in Law and Global Governance at ESADE. I did my internship at Bounsel and it has been a fantastic experience.

Since I was a child, I used to say that my goal was to have a positive impact on my environment, to help the most vulnerable people, and to do my bit to build a better world. Throughout my career, I have realized that I like the social side of law much more, and as the years went by I realized that I did not see myself working in a law firm.

Why did I choose Bounsel?

When it came time to look for internships, most of the offers were from law firms, and none of them really appealed to me. Then Pilar contacted me and offered me an internship at Bounsel. After talking to her about the different projects and activities, I didn’t think twice. I thought it was a very interesting proposal!

I did the internship remotely, from Barcelona, which at first I thought would limit the experience a lot, but that was not the case. Both Pilar and the rest of the team were always available and attentive to solve all my doubts and questions, which made these months a very enriching experience.

How has the internship at Bounsel been?

Being my first internship experience, I was very nervous the first few days. I started by doing a lot of research on Bounsel, as one of my main tasks was to provide a detailed report on the social, economic and environmental impact that Bounsel generates on its surroundings, in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With Pilar’s help and support it became very easy for me to understand Bounsel’s mission, and she helped me feel part of the team despite not being able to be in the office.

Based on the research, I worked with the marketing team to develop Bounsel’s current Impact page. It was a complex experience, as they were very new concepts for me and we had to make changes constantly, but Silvia helped me to understand the most important concepts and ideas and I can say that working with her has been one of the most dynamic parts of this experience, and I have enjoyed it very much. Seeing the finished page, after all the work invested, is really very gratifying.

¿Qué me han aportado estas prácticas?

When I started the internship I expected something very different from what it turned out to be. I was expecting a research job of spending hours glued to the computer and feeling isolated because I was remote. But, on the contrary, it has been a very dynamic, diverse experience and, above all, I think it has given me much more than I expected. After only two months, and without even being in the office, I felt part of the Bounsel team.

Sybila Galera