This month the tenth anniversary of South Summit 2022 took place in the Nave de Madrid. The South Summit was born in 2012 as a result of the need to boost the national economy, serving as a meeting point for investors, entrepreneurs and public associations.

We are pleased to have been part of this edition with the representation of our founders Pilar Prados and Marcos Sanz. We have had the opportunity to share space for 3 days with more than 25,000 participating startups, 1,300 investors and 23 unicorns, with whom we have exchanged experiences and from whom we have learned a lot.

In collaboration with Google Startups we have had the fantastic opportunity to be close to the startup community around the world.

Our CEO, Pilar Prados, has given the talk “Women Inspired by Women” together with three other incredible leaders Patricia Ferruz, Katrina Walker and Taryn Andersen. The aim has been to inspire other women to do mentoring and to create a powerful network of contacts within the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

In addition, we have shared with the attendees the new functionalities we are developing in order to improve our product and offer a more complete experience to our customers. We have been able to listen to feedback from entrepreneurs and investors, which has allowed us to get to know in depth what the real problems of entrepreneurs are and to continue advancing in the development of Bounsel.

It has definitely been an amazing experience and we are looking forward to the next South Summit! 🎉

south summit 2022