¡Hi, my name is Thomas Birch!

This year I finished my degree in graphic design at the EASD in Valencia, and in the last months of my studies I had the pleasure of doing my internship at Bounsel.

From the first day to the last, the whole Bounsel team has treated me great, being very nice and friendly. Andrés, my tutor, respected me at all times, the work he asked me to do was in line with my knowledge and I always felt very free to collaborate with the team. In every project I have been asked to do, Andrés has been by my side at all times helping me and teaching me new things, all the while being very patient with me.

Overall, I would say that this company has taught me a lot of new things, from programme knowledge to teamwork and the dynamics of a real company, I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me and I would love to do it again.

Thank you very much Bounsel for having me!

Thomas Birch

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