Joining the Bounsel team, Thomas Birch Moreno, whose father is English and mother is Valencian, was born 21 years ago in Valencia, so he considers himself a Valencian who loves his city.

After finishing secondary school he went straight to Barreira (school of higher education). He spent 2 years doing his secondary education and after finishing he went to Segovia for a year to study his first year of his degree. After that year he returned to Valencia to do the rest of the years

He is currently doing an internship at Bounsel, where he displays all his creativity and fills our publications with colour. Bounsel attracted his attention because of its website, being a company linked to the legal sector, Thomas expected the stereotypical or monotonous that other companies in this branch would have. But the bright colours and abstract, friendly decor was a welcome surprise.

“I intend to learn new things during my time at Bounsel and help them in any way I can,” says Thomas.

He is also finishing his fourth year of Graphic Design at the EASD in Valencia. He loves drawing, making illustrations and bringing them to life with 3D technology.

He also enjoys long walks, as this helps him relax and inspires him to create his magical illustrations. He doesn’t consider himself a gamer, but playing video games is his perfect plan for an afternoon at home or with friends, playing frisbee is his passion, and as his thirst for learning knows no bounds, he now plans to become a skateboarder

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