David joins the Data team to be part of the R+D+i project we are carrying out within Bounsel.

In 2015, David started a degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Zaragoza. When she finished her profession, she did a Master’s degree in Big Data & Business Analytics, as she has always been very curious about the world of Big Data and its potential to bring value to companies and people.

“Thanks to my degree I got to know the world of data and I decided to do my dissertation project on “Automatic summarisation of transcribed news with an automatic speech recognition system”, in which I discovered the value of data and in the master’s degree I realised that I really liked it”.

Regarding David’s more personal side, an afternoon of beers with his friends is his perfect plan, although going for a walk in the mountains is also often among his top 10 activities to disconnect from the stress of the city and recharge his batteries to get back to work.

We are very happy to have you on the team! We know you will be a key player in one of Bounsel’s most ambitious projects, as you will help us bring artificial intelligence to the legal ecosystem. Let’s go for it! 👏👏👏

If you also want to be part of the Bounsel team, get to know us and join us!