We continue to grow, so we resume the introductions so that you can continue to get to know all the members of Bounsel. Maëva has joined our artistic team with a great desire to show her creativity.

This French woman, who has lived in Valencia since she was 2 years old, has joined Bounsel as a Graphic Designer Trainee, working hand in hand with our graphic designer and marketing team. Her mission is to express and communicate graphically the messages of our brand.

Maëva is in her final year of her degree in Graphic Design at the Barreira A+D School, but she has experience in the sector since she entered this prestigious Valencian centre.

Always in constant learning, in the first year of her degree she did an internship at Fruzzel Group, where she later started working as a graphic designer. During her second year, she had the opportunity to do her internship at Savage Studio, where she learned to work with designers from other disciplines.

And what is Maëva like? Proactive, curious, and creative. This is how our latest addition presents itself. Passionate about illustration, photography and travel, she takes advantage of every getaway to discover new places to find inspiration and showcase her talent.

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