Control the management of your contracts and keep your professional agenda organised.

Bounsel allows you to manage all the contracts you develop on the platform to save time and ensure you don’t miss important dates. The advantages over traditional methods of contract drafting are set out below.

Contract management in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor, and as such, it does not manage contracts, nor does it allow you to set up a calendar or tag documents according to their content to make them easier to find. There is also the possibility of documents being misplaced if they are not kept with due diligence.

management contracts


  • None.


  • It does not allow for cloud-based contract management and tracking of assigned tasks.
  • Contract management requires the use of different tools.
  • Difficult to meet deadlines and organise contracts.
Give flow to your contracts

Control all your documents and make better business decision

Contract Management at Bounsel

Unlike the previous method, Bounsel not only allows contracts to be drawn up in real time and online, but also helps to manage them with tags according to their content, being able to check the date of the last modification and its participants and accessing them through its cloud storage.

It also has an overview, a place in the workspace where you can edit tags, summarise the contract and view all document activity (approvals, signatures, key data, participants, etc.).

It also allows the creation of reminders of deadlines and their inclusion in the user’s calendar.

management contracts


  • It allows you to create reminders and tasks, as well as to send a reminder to the parties.
  • Updates (approvals, signatures, etc.) to documents are notified to the parties. An email is sent automatically from the platform itself.
  • Faster search for contracts and better classification of contracts thanks to tags.
  • Automatic and secure storage of documents in the cloud.
  • Real-time tracking of the status of documents in the repository.
  • Greater control of contract modifications.


  • If you prefer to work with static documents, you may find the platform less convenient.

With Bounsel you manage all your contracts efficiently and easily, so you can forget about organising all your documents and spend your time on more relevant tasks. Discover all the benefits offered by our smart contract management platform in the cloud!

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