The Valencia Digital Summit 2023 was an exceptional event that brought together brilliant minds passionate about innovation and technology in one place. Our participation in this event was an exciting opportunity to learn, network and explore the latest technology trends that are transforming the business world. In this post, we will share the highlights of our experience at the Valencia Digital Summit 2023 and how this event is shaping the future of innovation.

The event offered an impressive program of conferences and panels covering a wide range of technology topics. From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity and automation, the informative sessions were full of inspiring ideas and valuable insights that influenced the way we understand technology.

We participated hand in hand with Pilar Prados, CEO and founder of Bounsel in the Top 50 VDS Competition Pitches and Meet the Seed Startups from the VDS Competition – Speed Dating Session.

High-level networking:

The Valencia Digital Summit 2023 provided an exceptional opportunity to network with professionals from around the world. Engaging in meaningful conversations and potential collaborations at the event was a key aspect for us as a company looking to establish itself as the all-in-one contract management solution for medium and large enterprises.

The networking moments allowed us to connect with industry leaders, innovative startups and colleagues who share our passion for technology. These interactions opened up new perspectives and possibilities for collaboration that we would not have had otherwise.

In addition, we were able to offer attendees to participate in a fun marketing dynamic. Our purpose was to offer a moment of relaxation and fun in the middle of an exhausting day, but at the same time allow them to try out our solution. This is how Bounsel Roulette was born, an interactive game in which participants had to complete a flow created through Bounsel to obtain a ticket and thus be able to play.

It was a great success, hundreds of people stopped by our booth to experience the game of roulette, meet us and learn a new and fun way to automate document generation.

The VDS reinforced our belief in the importance of innovation and technology in the business world and motivated us to continue exploring new ways to improve and optimize our services. The Valencia Digital Summit 2023 was an exceptional experience that we look forward to next year.

We leave you some of the actions we have carried out during this event: