Last week saw the Legal Geek Conference 2021, which took place on 5-6 October in London and was attended by around 500 people. More than a year later, this event is back in person after its 2020 edition where, due to the pandemic, a 100% online version had to be held. However, this year they have kept the hybrid format so that those unable to travel can also be present in some form at the conference.

Bounsel didn’t want to miss out on Legal Geek, especially this year when we have been included in their Startup Map! So our CTO, Marcos Sanz, travelled to the UK to discover the latest news on Lawtech and legal innovation and to tell us first-hand what happened there.

The event was held at the former brewery The Truman Brewery, and the organisation was great. The venue was very cool and the atmosphere very pleasant, with areas to rest, stages for the presentations, free snacks and drinks, and you could choose the colour of your badges (red, green or yellow) depending on your willingness to talk to other participants.

People came from all nationalities, especially from the UK due to the location of the conference, creating an international environment in which to meet many people in the industry and understand their different perspectives and ideas. In addition, there were more than fifty speakers who gave a very good level to the event with their talks and workshops. Among them we could see professionals such as Andrew Fletcher, Director TR Labs at Thomson Reuters, and Electra Japonas, CEO of The Law Boutique.

Our CTO acknowledged during his visit to the stands of other startups participating in the event that the Contract review area is currently being promoted in particular. These companies have developed software and applications focused on the exhaustive review of contracts, making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, few focus on contract management and automation, which is why Bounsel caught the attention of the participants and was well received at the conference as an all-in-one document automation platform.

It is always positive to be able to participate in this type of event, which encourages the creation of new professional links and allows you to connect with entrepreneurs and professionals who have developed great projects and innovative proposals that contribute to the digitisation of companies, as well as helping them to implement new technologies that boost their businesses.

We are delighted to have attended Legal Geek 2021, see you next year!