🚀 We are unstoppable and our squad continues to grow. This week we would like to introduce you to Pamela Urbina, the new member of Bounsel.

Born in Peru, she travelled to Barcelona eight years ago to continue her professional growth in the area of Communication Sciences. She studied Graphic Design and did a Masters in Marketing, which helped her to have a better understanding of visual impact and functionality in the customer experience.

In Spain he has worked in companies of great national and international renown. A few months ago he moved to Valencia and joined Bounsel as part of the Marketing team.

She is curious, passionate and interested in the technological world. She loves to keep up to date with the latest tools and applications on the market, because for her, without process automation, life would be too complicated and less productive.

For her, time is the most precious thing we have, so she values spending time with her family, especially with her two-year-old niece, her friends, her two pet canines, and drawing, which is one of her favourite pastimes.

We are glad to have you in the team, we are sure that you will help us to shape a bright future in the legal sector!

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