As a result of globalisation and digital transformation, consumer habits have changed radically, and we no longer have one-way models in which the consumer had nothing to contribute. The rules of the game are evolving towards sales strategies in which the customer is the important asset and the customer’s needs must be listened to and addressed.

The frequent use of smartphones, immediate access to the internet and the proliferation of electronic payment methods have long been a reality, and this, together with other developments and the expansion of COVID-19, has meant that we have begun to speak of an imminent need for “digital transformation”. They have launched us into a new e-commerce landscape in which the consumer takes centre stage and gains bargaining power.

However, this digital transformation has not only helped the consumer, but working relationships are also shedding their skin. From the outset, new business models take into account the need to move towards a collaborative and technological economy where stale power structures are left behind and become much more social and flexible models.


If you think that your business model is not up to date, but you know that it is a necessity for your company, don’t miss the tools that we are going to discover for you. We are confident that they will help you in the transformation process, achieving a more innovative and digitised model, as well as enabling you to face the challenges and opportunities of this new era. There they go!

1. Metricool

It is a platform to manage your digital media (social networks, blog, Google My Business, etc.). With it you can easily plan content, review your metrics and manage your company’s online advertising.

2. CSS Peeper

This tool allows you to trace the code of a web page, what colour palette it uses, what the code of the buttons is, and much more. Extract CSS and create style guides your way.

3. Slack

Slack is a platform that goes beyond email. It helps you categorise emails and have real-time conversations. It also connects to your work tools so you can take quicker actions without having to leave the conversations you’re in, making work more efficient.

Give flow to your contracts

Control all your documents and make better business decision

4. Trello

If you need to organise your week in a clear way, Trello is your ally. It is a project manager from which you can organise the tasks of each member of your team, group them according to their importance or their status. You can create cards with the task to be done, assign it to a member, set a date and time limit, add tags, checklists, descriptions, etc.

5. Acquire

This chatbot allows you to understand the user’s personality and where they are in the buyer journey. In addition, for cases requiring human assistance, its Live Chat tool can be used.

6. HubSpot

This software offers a number of excellent tools to boost sales and marketing so that your company can optimise the use of your CRM and improve your results. It also has customer relationship management solutions that help you focus on the work that matters most, automating support tasks.


7. Bounsel

SaaS and cloud repositories have become indispensable, and that is precisely what Bounsel offers. An all-in-one contract management platform that will help you manage all your documentation in the cloud, increasing your productivity and reducing your working hours. You can monitor contract activity and collaborate with your team in real time, create, edit and automate your documents, assign roles and give access to internal and external users in your organisation. Yes, all this and much more from a single platform!

Don’t be left behind, the digital revolution is here, and it waits for no one!

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