What is an electronic signature and what is it for?

An electronic signature is a mechanism for identifying a signatory when using an electronic service. From the data it generates, a signature is created that accredits the conformity and acceptance of the content established in an electronic document.

What is an advanced electronic signature?

The advanced electronic signature identifies the signatory and is uniquely linked to the signatory, eliminating the likelihood of identity theft or simply insufficient evidentiary value. In addition, it detects any subsequent changes to the signed document.

Advantages of advanced electronic signatures

  • Secure: In Bounsel, the data is registered with the biometric pattern system and all subsequent changes to the signed document are detected, thus guaranteeing the security and veracity of the signature.
  • Accessible: You can sign from any device at any time, you only need an internet connection and you can sign your documents with your finger on touch devices or with the mouse of your computer in an instant.
  • Fast: The accessibility and flexibility of the signature makes it a really fast process and speeds up the closing of your contracts. It is not necessary to print the document or to send it by email to the parties.
  • Free: With Bounsel you can make unlimited signatures for free. Therefore, every time you want to conclude an agreement, it will be enough to sign it and share it with the other parties involved in the contract.

Bounsel Sign works like the advanced electronic signature Docusign?

Bounsel Sign is a electronic signature platform that simplifies and streamlines the process of signing documents securely and efficiently. Its operation is based on electronic signature technology, where users can upload documents in various formats, such as PDF, Word or Excel, and then send them to designated recipients. These recipients receive email notifications to access the document and, through the platform, can review, sign and digitally date the document in a legally binding manner. In addition, the platform complies with security and privacy standards, ensuring the confidentiality of information. In short, Bounsel Sign simplifies document management, speeds up business processes and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for paper documents and handwritten signatures.

How to use the advanced electronic signature?

There are many online tools to sign your documents, but with Bounsel you can do it for free and unlimited. What’s more, it’s so fast that you’ll have your documents signed in 30 seconds. You can also invite other users to do so without paying for it.

Like magic with Bounsel Sign

Make difficult agreements go away

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Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Add the parties involved in the contract and the signatories.
  2. Add the signature block to your document.
  3. Send the signature request from the platform and the signatory will receive a notification to access the document.
  4. The signatory opens the document and signs where indicated.
  5. The signed document generates the electronic time stamp. The data cannot be modified.
  6. The signed document can be downloaded from the platform together with the Audit Trail. The signatory receives both documents by email.‍

If you want to know more about advanced electronic signatures and their applications, you can download the free ebook “Everything you need to know about advanced electronic signatures“.