My name is Javier Ortega, although those who know me call me Xavi. I’m 22 years old and I was born and raised here, in the terreta, Valencia. Despite this, I studied at the German School in Valencia, so I consider that I have that little German gene.

I am currently studying a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia and I have recently joined the Marketing Department of Bounsel. In addition, I am also working as Community Manager at the football club of the German School of Valencia.

I’ve always been interested in everything related to creativity: music, photography, audiovisuals, etc. That’s why I consider myself a creative, curious person. However, I am also an organised and calm person, even if this creative freedom might lead one to think otherwise. I don’t like to stand still, so I’m always involved in different creative projects, both musical and audiovisual.

My main hobby is music, in fact I play the saxophone in the Unión Musical de Castellar Oliveral, the guitar and I produce music in my free time. However, I’m passionate about audiovisuals, so if I’m not mixing a song, I’m probably editing a video. I am very interested in languages, sports and I enjoy being with my friends.

I’m in love with my hometown: Fallas is in my blood, I spend the summer at the beach and I love the Mediterranean cuisine, although I don’t rule out going away for a while in the future to study or work. Of course, always with the idea of returning to my homeland.


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