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How the Forus legal team saves 40% of their time by automating their documents

The legal consultancy of the Forus group scales its processes saving more than 2 days a week by automating the creation of its corporate and labor documents.

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Ana Relinque, legal counsel at Forus, the leading sports center management group in southern Europe with a presence in Spain, Portugal and Italy, more than 3,000 employees and more than 60 centers, is now more efficient in her work thanks to Bounsel Flow. Do you want to know how Bounsel Flow helped her earn more than 5 hours per week?

Ana and her colleagues from the legal team, do the hard work of the administration of the more than 40 companies that the Forus group has. Before learning about our all-in-one contract management solution, Ana and her colleagues wasted many hours a day generating a large volume of legal documents manually. They were used to writing in Word and they managed everything with long email chains, follow-up on approvals, requests documents signatures, etc. The process was inefficient, tedious and really exhausting.

Ana needed to find time to focus on providing the best legal advice to the growing business of the Forus group. She was looking to automate and centralize the entire process in a single software that would allow her to:

    • Create repetitive documents quickly
  • Collaborate in real time with her colleagues

  • Organize with folders and centralize all of their documents in a single cloud workspace

  • Request approvals and advanced electronic signature of their documents

  • Save time when managing so much paperwork

Their work routine radically improved when Olga Polo, Head of Legal & Compliance Officer at Forus, introduced them to Bounsel Flow. With our all-in-one contract lifecycle management solution, Ana currently saves over 5 hours each week and can focus on tasks that add more value to the business instead of copying and pasting information to complete documents.

Ana describes Bounsel Flow as AMAZING, as it saves her a lot of time.The process is very easy. A Word template is uploaded once, the flow is created with the questions that need to be completed in order to create the documents, it is shared with whomever you want, and the completed document is magically received in the repository. Now Ana can create hundreds of documents in a matter of minutes just by sharing a flow! Ana also highlights the ease of use and how intuitive and beautiful the tool is, since anyone can answer a flow and generate a document without much explanation.

Bounsel Flow has also allowed Ana to improve the legal service she provides to sports centers, because when she needs to manage a document for employees, she already has the whole process automated, which allows her to be faster and more efficient in her work. Her colleagues are delighted with the change and the operations management is very positive about it. The truth is that it is a much closer and more friendly process.

¨Bounsel Flow allows me to give a better service to the centers and clients because when I need to send them a document I already have the link of the Flow created and it allows me to be faster when doing it.¨

Ana Relinque, Legal Counsel at Grupo Forus

Ana is so happy with the benefits of Bounsel Flow that she has encouraged her colleagues to manage their contracts without stress and enjoy a 100% digital experience with the premium plan. The Forus legal team no longer wastes hours of work with meaningless tasks, they now have superpowers and together they save more than 2 days each week.

Ready to manage your contracts without stress?