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I used to be a super stressed M&A lawyer. I used to work in São Paulo coordinating the Iberian investment in Brazil. With the time difference, I remember waking up every morning with more than 100 emails to read. Some of them weren’t really even addressed to me but I was in the loop and I had to read them anyways or I could lose the comments to the contracts. I used to draft documents with Microsoft Word doing copy-paste and with a lot of interruptions. I used to spend more than 2 hours a day just cleaning my inbox. I was always emailing new versions back and forth and saving countless versions of the documents. Follow-up changes were a nightmare. The whole contract management process was chaos. It just wasn’t productive!

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Pilar Prados

CEO & Founder of Bounsel

Automate your contracts and boost your productivity

Turn your Microsoft Word templates into smart docs. Just one click and you can create smart fields to update their content automatically. You don’t ever have to draft the same contract 1,000 times again!

Go from this...

  • Mountains of paperwork.
  • Too many errors.
  • Lost versions or the same doc twice.
  • Endless email threads.
  • Repetitive tasks.
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