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What can I do?

The possibilities are endless, if you are a human, at some point in your life you must have filled up a document with your personal information, right?

If you don’t recall it, it is probably because it was a boring and cold process with no fun or joy.

Either you are looking to fill up some contracts, documentation, certificates, as said, the possibilities are endless.

Bounsel Flow changes that experience, and if you are now the person behind that document, you’ll want your client or colleague to remember you differently.

With conversational forms, or as we call it, with a Flow, we offer you an incredible digital experience to create your documents automatically without errors.

no mas estres

How does it work?

Bounsel Flow is a no-code solution, that means that anyone can start using it right away and take the most advantage of it.
You can create a document without any previous Tech experience or programming knowledge.

1. Create a flow

Upload a template in Microsoft Word, Google Docs fillable PDF and we will autodetect the fields you want to complete. Tag it and create a flow in just a few minutes by simply making a question for each variable. Super easy.

2. Share it with one click

Generate a public or private link and share your flow with whoever you want. They will answer the questions naturally as if it were a conversation.
bounsel collaborate

3. Receive the completed doc

Get the document completed with all the fields filled in and find it updated in your workspace. You can always download it in docx and PDF format.

4. Send it automatically

You can also choose if you want us to automatically send a copy of the completed document to the person who helped you fill it in.

What our happy clients say about us

Fibsen Success Story

Find out how Fibsen optimizes their process of sending commercial offers, saving 5 hours of paperwork every week and reducing their administrative burden thanks to the magic of Bounsel Flow.

“Thanks to using Bounsel Flow, we now have more time to focus on the main tasks of our business such as contacting customers, launching offers and improving our product.”

David Salces, Chief Operating Officer at Fibsen.

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“I use Bounsel to create and sign contracts with clients. It is very intuitive and it makes the experience much faster, smoother, and friendlier than the traditional way.”

Xandra Etxabe, Cofounder & COO at Uelz

contract management software for law firms
My experience with Bounsel in my previous company was excellent, so I have decided to introduce and implement it in Forus. You have created a wonderful tool.”

Olga Polo, General Counsel & Compliance Officer at Forus

contract management software for law firms

Easy to work with and absolute control of all your documents. With Bounsel it is wonderful, you have everything organized. It makes my work more fun.”

Patricia Domínguez, Senior Legal Counsel at Iryo

contract management software for law firms

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